Thursday, April 12, 2007

Visual & Verbal Palettes

The only thing that matters in marketing today is what the consumer hears.

And with today's dizzying array of technological tools that give the consumer the power to skip, deleted or simply ignore your message, marketers have fewer and fewer opportunities to send the message in the first place. So every message has to count.

Successful marketers understand that the meaning of their words and images lies not with the speaker but the receiver of the message. Therefore, if we want to stimulate that Pavlovian, emotional response that triggers purchase, we must talk to consumers using their language. Otherwise our messages will be edited out and ignored as irrelevant, boring or worse, irritating.

Enter the Visual & Verbal Palette. Based on a process of verbal & visual mind-mapping combined with story-telling, VVPs proactively decode and decipher your consumers' verbal and visual ideas, concepts and constructs at the category and brand level. The VVP and other processes like it, provide marketing teams with a new level of understanding that stimulates the creation of more powerful and effective marketing communications programs, events and messages that break through the noise to generate action. And ensure that what you say is what the consumer hears.

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