Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2007 Marketing Thought Winners

Congratulations to the winners in SVAMA's Marketing Thought publishing contest in alphabetical order . . .

  • Mark Cavender and Michael Eckhardt from Chasm Institute, LLC for "Marketing Disruptive Innovations to Consumers: Myths vs Realities"
  • Mar Junge from 3cPR for "Everybody LOVES a Juicy Story"
  • Karen O'Brien from Crimson Consulting for "Web 2.0 Makes you ReThink the Basics"
I am looking forward to greeting all of you at the conference. Thank you for being marketing thought leaders.

Gene Hall

1 comment:

Mar Junge said...

Hi Gene,
Thanks, and I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow, as long as you introduce my agency as c3PR, not 3cPR. (Think Star Wars, c3PO). Actually, there is a 3cPR. It's a government form W–3cPR used to correct previously filed Forms W–2, W–3, and W–3PR. I think I prefer the robot!