Friday, May 11, 2007

How Do You Show Up As A Marketer?

Relax and breathe. No need to feel defensive. It isn’t a trick question.
But it can be a revealing one.

If you’re not sure, ask someone: a colleague, a partner, or a co-worker. Meanwhile, I’ll share my answer with you. Then please post your thoughts and stories here.
Our marketing moments of Zen.

I was actually asked this question recently in a Mastermind discussion. And honestly, I don’t know how I would have responded 15 years ago. But now with plenty of history and well, a few gray hairs, it took me only moments to explain.

In fact, the answer hit me point blank at the end of an
AMA Professional Chapters Council (PCC) meeting a couple of years ago. During my 3-year PCC term, I got to know very well a great group of 9 volunteers, personally and professionally -- including Tracy Sullivan, past president of the Austin chapter. At the close of our last meeting the year Tracy served as PCC president, she ceremoniously gave each council member a distinctive gift with a special meaning. Some were serious, some were funny. But every token unquestionably captured the essence of each council member.

When my time came, Tracy handed me a beautifully wrapped package that I almost didn’t want to tear open. Inside was one of those great beefy-cotton T-shirts, in navy blue, with writing on the front in big white letters: “Why Are We Doing This?”

Around the table everyone nodded, some laughed, and several shouted in agreement. Then in all seriousness and much affection Tracy pronounced, “Cynthia, this is the one phrase I will always think of when I think of you. And I will always be grateful that you were here to keep us on track by continually reminding us to be conscious.”

Moments like these don’t just fly by without a pause to reflect. Later I thought about not only the past 3 years, but the years before and since. It became clear that one way I show up is “Always Searching.” It really bugs me in any situation to not see the big picture or if something just doesn’t make sense. After all, the big picture provides the context to determine the true value of our marketing efforts, yes?

I find that if we keep asking the question, “Why are we doing this?” -- openly and honestly -- the answers get better and better! Perhaps this could be a way to begin meeting the challenge that Linda Popky declared in her post, “
Where is the Marketing Leadership?” As the answer to each question enlarges the context, our shared purpose can become more meaningful and our actions more precise.

The question continues to work for me. Now when I show up wearing my shirt, usually at the gym, it never fails to spark a conversation. And a conversation is a great way to start.

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Linda Popky said...

Hi Cynthia. Great points. Too often we don't ask enough questions. We're too busy implementing and executing--sometimes because it's the way we've always done it before. Too often we don't take time out to ask how things should be, rather than how they are today. And that is the beginning of changing, expanding and growing for the future.