Friday, May 18, 2007

Web 2.0 Makes You ReThink the Basics

As Marketers we are taught to use the standard model of "Acquisition, Retention and Growth" as a frame work. When working with Web 2.0 initiatives, I have found it necessary to re-think the basics to fully take advantage of the possibilities of both the technology and new marketing approaches. The new model I have been evolving and using "Attract, Engage and Extend" has proved to be very useful in the strategy and planning of multiple web-based programs and initiatives.

Attract - customers with compelling and relevant content, resources and tools. Loyalty is fleeting and we can no longer count on "acquiring" customers.

Engage - customers in an ongoing dialog with your company and when appropriate - with each other. Social media and community tools empower us to have that conversation with our customers - and as marketers we need to be prepared to fully engage.

Extend – content beyond the site through syndication/ RSS, viral or pass-along tactics, access or download content to multiple devices, integrate with offline marketing and activities.

For example - I have used this framework to plan the requirements of a website - grouping the desired features, functionality and content depending on rather they contribute to Attracting or Engaging customers or helping to Extend beyond the website. I have also used the same framework to plan web based campaigns and to prioritize marketing activities.

A very simple idea - but useful.

Karen O'Brien is a Principal, Interactive Services with Crimson Consulting

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